MET introduces a revolutionary home low-voltage power supply system, addressing weak electrical needs alongside existing strong electrical systems at home, ensuring safety and convenience for everyday power usage. Built around the low-voltage magnetic track which is called the 'iPlatform,' this track can be concealed installed in accessible areas such as walls, desktops, and cabinets. Its variety of modules, including lighting fixtures, phone chargers, trays, and decorative elements and more, cater to user's personalized scene requirements.



The three standout features of MET are as follows:


Personalization: MET offers a range of modules including lighting fixtures, chargers, fans, trays, and more to meet users' personalized scene requirements, empowering users to DIY their own spaces.

Local scene: MET caters to more personalized needs in local areas of various spaces, such as the sofa corner in living room, where multiple device charging may not be easy to access.

Light Intelligence: Our pursuit of light intelligence means no pre-installation, easy networking, flexible definition, simple usage, and cost-effective maintenance, ensuring seamless integration into your lifestyle.






    A supremely secure and minimalist track platform + A diverse and rich ecosystem of modules.

Function module x MET BODY


  • A diverse and rich ecosystem of modules

    Currently, we offer a variety of modules including spotlights, ambient lights, speakers, fans, aromatherapy, charging interfaces, and more. Each module can be independently controlled, allowing users to freely customize and create their preferred combinations. In the future, MET will adopt an open module development strategy, allowing product manufacturers, product designers, and users to develop various modules based on standard interfaces.
    With a gradual integration of smart controls, MET aims to build a comprehensive ecosystem.

  • A supremely secure and minimalist track platform

    The track is versatile, designed to be installed as a building material on walls, ceilings, cabinets, desktops, and floors. Operating at 24V, it's safe for children to touch, making it ideal for use in wooden house structures. Featuring a patented iron-based plate structure, the track integrates a patented magnetic module that audibly 'clicks' onto the track and can be freely adjusted in position. With a minimalist design, the track measures as thin as 15mm, with the potential for further optimization to 8mm in the future, ensuring even greater invisibility.

household x Commercial

MET Body

  • Pre installation

    Experience the ultimate with MET. When preparing to decorate your new home, we offer small and exquisite embedded, wall-mounted, suspended, and ceiling-to-floor track bodies, which will help shape your home space and greatly enhance the weak current system. Combined with MET's diverse modules, there's endless potential for future upgrades and iterations tailored to your family life, habits, and experiences.

  • Installation free

    MET offers installation-free tabletop and floor-mounted track bodies, enabling you to seamlessly integrate MET into your space and enjoy the convenient product functions and rich sensory experience it brings.

Sensory Experience

Function module

    The diverse combinations of functional modules bring a delightful experience through a range of sensory stimuli. Rooted in a nature-centric approach, MET's functional modules cater to users' emotional and spiritual experiences through various dimensions such as light, shadow, sound, breeze, taste, and fun.
  • Aurora

    Light, the dynamic and mysterious language of nature, conveys energy, information, and color, while also communicating and influencing our emotions. Indoors, harnessing natural light can enhance productivity during focused work sessions, foster a cozy environment for parent-child reading sessions, or provide a serene space for relaxation by the sofa. The 'Aurora Series' of MET functional modules offers light with different color temperatures, angles, colors, and moods, enabling users to experience natural, comfortable, and immersive illumination. Light silently brightens our surroundings, enriching our indoor experiences.

  • Shadow

    Shadow is the silent response of light to the world. The dappled interplay of light and shadow weaves wordless stories, and colorful silhouettes adorn moments in time, accompanying the flow of years. It could be a weekend afternoon with the gentle sway of bamboo shadows amidst the aroma of coffee and books, or an anniversary dinner with candlelight casting shadows on a cherished old photograph. The "Shadow Series" of MET functional modules includes natural and serene shadows as well as colorful projections for festive atmospheres. Shadow is a silent companion.

  • Sound

    Sound serves as the resonance that animates both the external world and the inner self. From the tranquil sounds of nature—frogs croaking, birds singing, rain on banana leaves, to the rhythmic crash of waves on the shore—to the harmonious melodies of music—the gentle strumming of the harp and lyre—each strikes a chord within the heart. Whether it's morning meditation, a midday nap, or the romance of the night, these experiences are elevated by sounds that resonate with the soul. The "Sound Series" of MET functional modules elevates audio quality through cutting-edge technology. Sound truly embodies the symphony of the heartstrings.

  • Wind

    Wind represents the free flow of air within space. Oscillating between warmth and coolness, it moves with fluidity and grace. The gentle caress of a breeze on the face is invigorating, while the tranquil ease of a soft gust brings delight. Whether it's a cooling breeze during moments of reading or writing, or allowing the wind to guide the direction of a watercolor painting, the "Wind Series" of MET functional modules, with adjustable settings, adds a touch of comfort to both work and life. Wind embodies the essence of invisible freedom.

  • Aroma

    Aroma is the sweet fragrance of everything in the wind. Sea salt and waves, dew-kissed roses, and sunlit autumn fruits. Inhaling aroma invigorates the spleen and brings joy to the spirit. Fill the air with the scent of flowers, fruits, the natural aroma of the great outdoors. The "Aroma Series" of MET functional modules, combined with the wind, disperses with the breeze. Aroma is the immersion in romance.

  • Fun

    Fun is about individual expression. Beauty exists everywhere in life, and what makes things enjoyable and interesting isn't solely the object or event itself, but rather our ability to find, express, and share beauty, whimsy, and inspiration from within. It's about genuine expression. The ''Fun' series'' of MET functional modules doesn't define beauty, nor does it judge right from wrong. It fully respects individuality. Whether it's a snail climbing upward or a panda holding bamboo, if you find it beautiful, that's all that matters. Fun is about inner feelings.

  • Application

    Your Thoughtful Companion. Life requires convenience and ease at any moment, bringing small but certain happiness. Just as a master craftsman needs the right tools, our beautifully crafted, small 'tools' quietly fulfil our daily needs. The 'Application' series in the MET function modules are designed to discover and meet life's little needs with care, blend seamlessly into home spaces with beauty, and offer enduring quality. With a mini-size but pro-level fast charging, a lightweight and convenient phone stand, and a foldable mobile storage tray, the 'Application' series ensures that every moment is effortlessly enhanced. It is the steady, gentle companion in your life.


Theoretically, there is no upper limit to the number of MET combinations. Within the predefined rules, including maximum power and volume limits of the main body, users can select different functional modules according to their own needs, preferences, and habits to create their own unique MET. Your MET, your definition. With countless variations of combinations and flexible adjustments, MET offers both fun and functionality, allowing you to fully enjoy a satisfying life tailored to your preferences!


Only your choice matters, there's no right or wrong combination.



  • MET body selection

    Select the track that best suits your space usage requirements.

  • Function Module selection

    Select the functional module(s) that aligns with your or your families' preferences and habits

  • Color selection

    Integrate MET seamlessly into your room by selecting a color that complements your room and furniture. Alternatively, make MET shine and stand out completely according to your preferences.

    The MET ecosystem encompasses diverse applications, continuous iteration, and upgrades. Its versatility extends beyond large-scale industry scenarios such as home furnishing, commerce, and office settings, adapting to a myriad of small-scale scenarios as well. Nearly all conceivable scenarios can be matched with suitable product forms within the MET system. This integration epitomizes the perfect blend of industrialization and product personalization.
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