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The NEKOSpACE brand aims to craft a minimalist aesthetic home space experience that not only stimulates the senses but also fosters personal creativity, while providing a diverse and comfortable atmosphere for users. Space, to us, is more than just a container; it serves as a medium that guides emotions, sparks ideas, and showcases individuality. Rooted in our core values and enhanced by a variety of functional modules, NEKOSpACE is dedicated to delivering exquisite, fun, and captivating products for households, empowering users to creat 'ACE' experience. Where home living meets joy, where moments become beautiful memories.



Reducing the safety hazards associated with traditional outlets.


Globally, over 90,000 people lose their lives each year due to electric shock incidents, with 30% of these accidents attributed to outlets. A significant portion of these electric shock incidents involving outlets stem from exposure to moisture and water. MET endeavors to disrupt the dominance of traditional outlets by introducing a low-voltage track system, exploring and developing safer methods of power supply to enhance human well-being.




Reducing the waste of resources caused by a large number of independent appliances.


In every home, desks, bedside tables, sofas, and kitchens might be adorned with various kinds of electronic products—charger, lamp, Bluetooth speaker, fan, and more. These devices often contain components like battery, driver, and charging cable, leading to considerable resource waste. MET offers a unified power solution through the track system for these small size appliances, eliminating the need for separate batteries. This not only saves product volume but also standardizes placement, declutters space, and simplifies most charging processes. Modules can be effortlessly detached and moved from one scene to another, enabling reconfiguration and a renewed experience.


Practicing sustainable development by utilizing reusable and recyclable materials.


MET is committed to achieving environmental sustainability by incorporating recyclable materials in its construction. The system is designed to minimize waste and encourage resource reuse. By utilizing recyclable materials, MET mitigates the environmental impact which linked to the production and processing of its components. This strategy aligns with the principles of the circular economy, fostering the reuse and recycling of materials and promoting a more sustainable and responsible consumption of resources.



Advocating a restrained business model.

  • The exploration in this business model is still ongoing, and MET attempt to establish a module recycling platform, a trade-in platform for upgrading, and a user co-creation platform in the coming years. These initiatives encourages personalization while guiding consumers to choose modules in a restrained manner, striking a balance between commercial interests and sustainability. MET also advocates for module swapping and other social interactions, transforming modules into a form of social currency. Continuous user engagement in DIY activities revitalizes spaces and extend the lifespan of products.


January 2022 - Concept germination 
March 2022 - Product design initiation 
June 2022 - Product structural validation 
January 2023 - Small-scale trial production 
June 2023 - MET 1.0 receives the 2023 iF Design Award 
October 2023 - MET 1.0 receives the 2023 G-MAKR Design Award 
December 2023 - NEKOSPACE globally released, debuting at Guangzhou Design Week

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