We sincerely invite talented individuals from various industries and channels to join in the future market sales of MET products, and work together with NEKOSpaCE to create a blueprint. Innovation is not easy, and our generation leads by example.
  • Exclusive agent

    If you are about to become an Exclusive agent, please contact NEKOSpACE sales team. You will receive the best policy support!

  • Sales Channels

    If you have a high-quality sales channel, please contact us. The NEKOSpACE sales team has prepared a comprehensive product strategy and preferential policies for you.

  • Co-Branding

    We hold an open mindset and look forward to collaborating with brands from various industries in various aspects. From brand co branding to product co creation, from channel connectivity to resource sharing, regardless of size or detail, let's sit down and chat.


City Promoter


NEKOSpACE is recruiting city promotion officers for the entire society. We hope that with your support, the spirit and philosophy of NEKOSpACE can take root and sprout in every city, allowing our products and dynamics to spread. We believe that a single spark can start a prairie fire. After becoming a promotional officer, there is a chance to receive new gifts as soon as possible, and fun and interesting new modules are always on the way. Interested parties can contact us to obtain the conditions and methods for becoming a promotional officer. We look forward to your joining.







If you are a product influencer and interested in promoting or selling NEKOSpACE products, we welcome you to join NEKOSpACE's external marketing team. Your efforts will be rewarded!



Designers Community


If you are a product designer, you can join the co-creation platform to design collaborative works with NEKOSpACE! If you are a soft furnishings designer, NEKOSpACE supports your custom designs! If you are an interior designer, you can enjoy free track supply support! If you are a lighting designer, we can support your unique lighting designs! ... and more!

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    After receiving and reviewing your information, we will send you a file decryption password.

    We will strictly protect your privacy, and the information you leave will only be used for Nekospace to contact you and negotiate business.